11 Tips to Increase the performance (speed) and battery life of your Android phone

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Here I will share eleven ways to get the best battery life and performance out of your Android Phone / Device

  1. First and foremost I would recommend you to update your Android device to the latest release of firmware available. The reason is that with every update Google has done various optimizations to Android operating system to increase the performance and battery backup of the Android device. Android releases in the order of decreasing awesomness – 2.3(Gingerbread) > 2.2(Froyo) > 2.1(Eclair) > 1.6(Donut) > 1.5(Cupcake)
  2. You can Overclock or Underclock your Android device, with the applications like SetCPU or Overclock Widget, available on Android Market. To use these applications rooting your android phone is required. Use profiles in them for eg. keeping the CPU speed to lowest when Screen is off(standby) and CPU speed to be variable (ondemand/conservative governor) when Screen is on. Get the best of both the worlds !

  3. Download ES Task manager or any other Task Manager from the Android Market and kill all the processes in memory, five minutes after you start the phone. This kills all the processes which are using your CPU cycles for no purpose and are polling useless things. It also helps in saving battery.
  4. Turn the synchronization off when you don’t need it. When it is On, it keeps trying to synchronize your contacts, email, calendar etc. regularly, thus wasting CPU cycles. Turn it on only when you have changed some contact detail or sometime when you want your phone data to be uploaded to the Google Cloud. This also helps in saving battery.
  5. Uninstall the applications from your Android Phone which you don’t need, because most of the applications install services to your device which keep running in the background eating both your CPU cycles and battery.
  6. Keep the least number of widgets you need on your home screen. These are actually just applications always running in the background. Like a music player widget.
  7. Refrain yourself from using a Live Wallpaper. Eats a lot of CPU speed and battery.
  8. Turn Off your Wifi, GPS, Data Services when you don’t need them. They eat a lot of battery and some CPU cycles too.
  9. Turn down the brightness of your screen to the minimum, where your text is still readable. It saves a lot of battery.
  10. Turn Off the animations on your phone. You can do it by going into Settings->Sound and Display->Animation->No Animation. It will make your phone feel snappier and faster.
  11. Turn Off vibration if you can do without it. It drains the battery three to five times more than a Ringtone!

Bonus Tip : Flash CyanogenMod, if available for your phone

Share below the ways, you save your Android phone’s battery life and enhance CPU speed.
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