THE Best Ever Under Construction Page – Egypt’s President Site

By Keshav Gupta

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This one is the best ever under construction page you will encounter! And it is the site of The Egyptian Presidency. Check out here :

Evidence That Facebook Is Nearing 600 Million Users

Facebook is now nearing 600 Million Active users. And has already surpassed Yahoo in terms of traffic to become the world’s third most visited site! Facebook made their statistics public when they reached the 500 million users milestone. The social networking giant had for a while publicly announced every 50 million active users it had added, though more recently it waited for 100 million increments […]

iPhone App Camera+ : 1 Million Downloads, 1 Million In Revenue

TapTapTap team has again hit the party time after the New Year celebrations. They just completed their 1 million downloads of their popular app Camera+. They also disclosed the revenue they made with their popular iPhone app Camera+ of 1 million dollars! The revenue posted includes the sales of their app which retails at $0.99, the Apple’s cut and the in-app purchases of their newly […]

How connected our World is through the eyes of Facebook

An intern at Facebook, Paul Butler has created this interesting visualization of Facebook World. He sampled the connections between 10 million friend pairs using the Facebook Graph API to create this beautiful and amazing visualization of the World. Butler wrote an insightful Facebook note explaining the process and methods he used for creating his visualization: “I began exploring it in R, an open-source statistics environment. […]