Life Hacks

How to Liquify Cigarette Smoke : Liquid Smoke

Smoking itself is injurious to health but lets be honest smoke does look cool. You may also have fancied about those cigarette/hookah smoke rings and other cool things you can do with smoke. There is this neat little trick by YouTube user “noncents” telling about how to make smoke act like liquid. You would need 1 unfiltered roll up and a cold glass for the trick […]

How to Hack / Crack the Technical Job Interview

Vj Vijai describes how to make the best impression at a technical interview using people skills (versus technical skills). His video talk about hacking the job interview happened at O’Reilly’s Ignite event. He mainly emphasizes on three techniques to help you crack the technical job interview: < Syncing > People like people who are like themselves. Syncing is way by which you can establish deep […]

Stuff you can get for absolutely Free from Internet – Yes! Free Food does Exist

We have always been taught by our Parents, Teachers and World – that nothing in this World is there, as “Free”. You have to pay for it in some way or the other. But I am going to prove this wrong and tell you about four such free stuff you can get from Internet for absolutely nothing. Worlds Last Chance Register on this site and […]