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11 Tips to Increase the performance (speed) and battery life of your Android phone

Here I will share eleven ways to get the best battery life and performance out of your Android Phone / Device First and foremost I would recommend you to update your Android device to the latest release of firmware available. The reason is that with every update Google has done various optimizations to Android operating system to increase the performance and battery backup of the […]

Hack to create an Impactful Facebook Profile Page – Pwn your New Facebook Profile

In this hack we will see how you can create an impactful facebook profile. First of all you should be on the New Facebook Profile for this hack tip to work. This tip is similar to the New Facebook profile Hack I posted earlier, you might also like to refer to that post. Lets Get Started, If you are already on the new Facebook Profile, […]

The New Facebook Profile Hack – Pwn your Friends Profile

In this hack I will show you how to pwn your friend’s profile , who are using the new Facebook profile. In the New Facebook Profile page, the five most recently tagged photos of the person are shown. So we will leverage this feature for this hack. How to proceed: Download this archive of 3 sets of images or create your own set of five […]

Switch to the New Facebook Profile

Now you can switch to the new Facebook profile, which displays information about you and your friends more intuitively. The new Facebook Profile also gives a very refreshing feeling as now the first things you see are more recent and meaningful. Start with a Snapshot New Facebook profile begins with a quick summary of who you are, giving friends an easy way to see where […]

Wikileaks dead? You can still access the site, here’s how

The famous Wikileaks, well known for releasing secret and confidential documents of governments which they never want to get in public. It is being DDOSed regularly supposedly by US government to crash the Wikileaks servers. The domain hosting company which was hosting the domain name has terminated the services. And now Wikileaks is homeless, it doesn’t have any domain name right now. But […]

Google chrome crashes on facebook and twitter or index and fan page is downloaded?

I have been using Google Chrome for more than over an year. First it was on my Windows 7 desktop and then on my brand new Dell studio laptop. It runs great on my desktop but crashes often and i mean very often on my laptop. Whenever I would try to open twitter some index page file gets downloaded, If I open a site with […]

The DARK Side Of Windows VISTA

Readers are Advised not to read the following article beacause you will start hating Windows VISTA !!Vista the most talked about OS of Microsoft, which claims to change the digital entertainment and the computer world ,surely it will – but for worseThey have integrated strict,bad and resource hungry content protection techniques in Vista. And have also imposed very strict restrictions on the hardware designs of motherboards, graphics cards and soundcards….but what […]