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How to Root Motorola Backflip 1.5 with the rageagainstthecage method

In this tutorial we will learn how to root the Motorola Backflip 1.5 cupcake with the rageagainstthecage method. First of all make sure you have the following installed and setup. Download Motorola Backflip USB drivers for 32bit/x86 or 64bit/x64 and install. Download the android sdk and extract it in your c drive and check if adb.exe is present in “c:\android-sdk_r07-windows\android-sdk-windows\tools” Download the rageagainstthecage file and […]

Update Motorola Backflip from 1.5 to 2.1 Eclair – with JIT/multitouch/netfilter/swap/tether/ext3/ext4 support and more

[Important] Tutorial and Files for Froyo for Motorola Backflip are up In this post I will share a tutorial to update Motorola Backflip from 1.5 to 2.1 Eclair with JIT, Multitouch support and Ext4 file system support. The stock US Motorola Backflip Eclair doesn’t have Multitouch and this tutorial will give you that also! Motorola says that its best for Non-US Motorola Backflip to remain at […]

One click root for most of the Android phones/devices using Z4root

At the end of this post you will be able to root your android device using z4root and know the use of rooting. You need to understand the meaning of root first. Root is to android what jailbreak is to iPhone/iPod/iPad. It will grant you root privileges and you will be able to access all the files on your operating system with unrestricted access. Advantages […]

iPhone / iPod Touch 2.0 remote app connection problems solved!

I figured out the solution to the remote app connection problems. Remote app is a free application which turns iPhone and iPod Touch (firmware 2.0) into a remote control for iTunes and Apple TV. Remote app requires bonjour service to be running on your PC/Mac to interact with iTunes.Bonjour service listens on the port no. 5354, so just forward the port no. 5354 on your […]

How to install unsigned applications on Symbian OS 9 based phones (3rd edition, UIQ) without symbiansigned

First of all you need to hack your Symbian OS 9 phone Q.) How does this work?A.) We’ll be adding our own authentication to the phone which will be used to authenticate the sis files signed by the certificate and the key provided. It will grant all the capabilities to the application including TCB!! Note: This tutorial is same for all symbian OS 9 phones(n95,n82,n73,n8,P1i,w960i […]

Symbian OS 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 permissions system cracked – The Complete Guide/Tutorial

Yes that’s right, FCA00000 of symbian-freak successfully cracked the Symbian permissions system and has managed to expand this hack to all series 60 3rd edition phones with the help of others at symbian-freak.With this hack you will now be able to explore all the files on your system which were previously inaccessible. To many it may seem nothing special or of no use but this […]

Opera – The Fastest Browser On Earth!

Opera Web Browser is the fastest browser on earth..! Besides being the fastest its also the most featured browser..To start with : 1. Tabbed Browsing and Pop-Up Blocker -They were the first to intoduce these features 2. Integrated Search Engines – Search through Google, eBay, Amazon , Answers.com , BitTorrent , Download.com and many more 3. Strong Security – Protects you from spy-wares , viruses […]

Linux For Free!

O yeah, I know that linux is free but if i say a free linux CD or linux CDs delievered to your doorstep completely free of cost..Ya this is happening here in this mean world .. Get yourself any no. of Ubuntu CDs completely free of cost at your door.Ubuntu is one of the best distro’s i have tried, you may agree with the same […]