The DARK Side Of Windows VISTA

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Readers are Advised not to read the following article beacause you will start hating Windows VISTA !!
Vista the most talked about OS of Microsoft, which claims to change the digital entertainment and the computer world ,surely it will – but for worse
They have integrated strict,bad and resource hungry content protection techniques in Vista. And have also imposed very strict restrictions on the hardware designs of motherboards, graphics cards and soundcards….but what for? not for the multimedia content to play better but so that it doesn’t plays at all! surprised??yes, they are doing so. And these design restrictions have forced the hardware manufacturers to license and pay royalities for unnecessary third party content protection techniques which raises the hardware manufacturing costs for decreased performance!! as these content protections require unnecessary processing.
Vista will also deliberately decrease the playback quality of multimedia content even if the content is purchased genuinely, for the reason that your hardware doesn’t supports certain content protection technique!!What a waste!!

What ar3 they trying to do with this content protection which increases hardware costs and decreases system performance and provides no good to the end-user ?It’s the biggest game ever palyed by some company to capture the market, Like Apple who controls the whole distrubution and sales of songs and videos for ipods, Microsoft wants to control the playback and distribution of premium content(HD-DVD and Blue-Ray)…so for this to happen they want “us” ,the users to pay the heavy hardware costs for this waste product to run fine on our computers and so that Microsoft can control the way we watch this High Definition content !!!

For more details on the evil VISTA : Source

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1 HARsh AGARWal September 23, 2007 at 6:23 pm

this is really very much informative…thanx dude..!!!
do cum up with such post


2 Keshav September 23, 2007 at 6:36 pm

yup…i will
just had been caught up wid stuff!


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