Evidence That Facebook Is Nearing 600 Million Users

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Facebook is now nearing 600 Million Active users. And has already surpassed Yahoo in terms of traffic to become the world’s third most visited site!

Facebook made their statistics public when they reached the 500 million users milestone.

The social networking giant had for a while publicly announced every 50 million active users it had added, though more recently it waited for 100 million increments

In the TIME’s magazine Facebook confirmed 550 million users when Mark Zuckerberg was chosen as the Man of the year.

Facebook growth world domination

Socialbakers pegs Facebook’s user base at 596,372,520 members.

So how did Socialbakers arrive at this number? Co-founder Jan Rezab says that the start-up aggregates information from Facebook’s advertising tool. If you try to create an ad via Facebook Advertising, you can choose to target users by location. Facebook will show you how many of its members are in that location.

Facebook’s world domination is almost complete.

Zuckerberg said “We are down to just four countries where we aren’t the leading social network.”

Zuckerberg added that in Russia Facebook had just 1 million users, the kind of numbers that saw AOL sell off Bebo and ITV relinquish Friends Reunited. But in Facebook’s case, growth is “doubling every six months”, according to Zuckerberg, and Japan and Korea have similar user bases.

He said that Facebook can tell when an explosive growth “tipping point” is about to be reached by who is “friending” who. When Facebook first launches in a country, nearly all the friend connections are with foreign Facebook users.

“We know that a country has tipped when local-to-local connections outnumber local to foreign,” he added. “It is a long-term thing [and with regard to the four left to tip] we are probably not going to win in six months, not in a year [but] things look promising in three to five years out.”

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