The Future Of Games – DirectX 10 !

By Keshav Gupta

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You might be thinking whats so great ,its just an another update for DirectX but its not just an update , its a completely rewritten new API that has a lot faster DLL’s but it only supports vista’s driver model, so it will not be directly backward compatible with the DX9 games as the driver model it supports is completely different and from directly i mean that a software layer has to be installed on Vista to support those games,and this will make the games run slower.
In one more way DX10 makes your gaming experience ‘ekdum mast’, it can directly stream data from video card and reuse this data witout a single assistance from your CPU and thus makes your games run on a rather slower PC, but for the DX10 to run you need a compatible video card too! else you will not be able to take the full advantage of it, moreover the way in which DX10 works will let the video card manufacturers make the cards much more powerful and flexible!
Apart from being fast DX10 offers developers many new powerful features which will make the games made on DX10 looking so awesome that you will start hating your DX9 games!!
They are offering a new concept of geometry shaders that can act not only on single vertices but the whole triangles and their adjacent vertices.
It has a lot of other changes too which you may comment upon here..
Well, now start saving for your next gaming PC…vista expected to come in Jan 2007.

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