Hack to create an Impactful Facebook Profile Page – Pwn your New Facebook Profile

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In this hack we will see how you can create an impactful facebook profile.

First of all you should be on the New Facebook Profile for this hack tip to work. This tip is similar to the New Facebook profile Hack I posted earlier, you might also like to refer to that post.

Lets Get Started, If you are already on the new Facebook Profile, you must have noticed that on your profile page five most recently tagged photos of yours are displayed. And their dimensions are 68×95 px. And on the left you can have a profile picture of  450 x 180 pixels. We will use these dimensions in the following tutorial to create this Impactful effect on your profile.

To make your Facebook Profile page look as above. I have created a Facebook layout psd file for you to download. Its usable only by the ones with Adobe Photoshop at hand. It has been created with the use of slices, and the same task can be accomplished with GIMP also.

  1. Open the psd file and place your image over the green background.
  2. Adjust the photo by panning,zooming and whatever else you want to do. It will determine your final Facebook Profile layout’s look.
  3. Save with Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S, that is Save for web and devices. A set of fifteen images will be generated.
  4. Upload slice 1 as your main profile picture.
  5. Upload slice 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 to an Album and publish it, don’t tag them yet.
  6. Start tagging the slices in reverse order i.e tag the 12th slice first then 10th slice then 8th and so on.
  7. Enjoy the hack and your new Impactful Facebook Profile Page.

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1 Romel March 23, 2011 at 7:48 pm

Use this site http://www.facebooktiles.com/#output to get your new Impactful Facebook Profile Page, it’s much easy bro… 🙂


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