How to Hack / Crack the Technical Job Interview

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Vj Vijai describes how to make the best impression at a technical interview using people skills (versus technical skills). His video talk about hacking the job interview happened at O’Reilly’s Ignite event.

He mainly emphasizes on three techniques to help you crack the technical job interview:

  1. < Syncing >
    People like people who are like themselves. Syncing is way by which you
    can establish deep rapport with anyone by mimicking their physiology. By sitting
    in the same posture, nodding in the same way, breathing at the same rate, you
    can create a strong connection with the interviewer.
  2. < Anchoring >
    Spatial Anchoring is a powerful way to associate all the positive
    feelings to you and negative feelings to the rest of the candidates who
    are being interviewed.
  3. < Footprinting >
    Footprinting allows you to exactly know what qualities the interviewer
    are looking for and how to position yourself as the ideal candidate.

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