Microsoft Bing’s Search Algorithm Revealed (tarsorrhaphy) – Copy Google Search Results

By Keshav Gupta

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by Keshav Gupta · 1 comment

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Its really shocking to see what Microsoft has innovated with Bing! The Bing’s Search Algorithm is to copy what Google returns.

Google conducted experiments to reveal this shocking fact that Bing copies Google results.

Google used some search terms for which results didn’t existed in there database and artificially inserted totally irrelevant page for that search term. The terms didn’t appear anywhere on the page, in title, content, link etc. Search terms used for example were:

  • tarsorrhaphy
  • hiybbprqag
  • delhipublicschool40 chdjob
  • juegosdeben1ogrande
  • indoswiftjobinproduction
  • mbzrxpgjys

Microsoft uses the Bing toolbar’s suggested site feature and the Customer Improvement Program thing to copy the results. Whenever a user types in a query on Internet Explorer, that query and the result user clicked is phoned back to Microsoft Bing, and Bing just inserts that most clicked result to its SERPS. But what an amazing algorithm really! This much of feedback to its search engine is pretty bad btw. What if I create an artificial feedback generator where I will make Microsoft Bing think that the most clicked through site for the word “Microsoft” is .


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1 Atul@TechOfWeb February 2, 2011 at 2:35 pm

This is shame for Microsoft
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