Seagate Launches Largest Hard Drive – 750 GB !

By Keshav Gupta

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Seagate will introduce , the Barracuda 7200.10, the first computer desktop disk drive to hit the 750-gigabyte mark and it’s a 50 percent increase from the previous industry maximum of 500 gigabytes
A 750-gigabyte drive could hold roughly 375 hours of standard-definition television programming, about 75 hours of high-definition video, or more than 10,000 music CDs converted to the MP3 format
For the hard drive industry, the capacity milestone pegs the biggest, fastest jump in its 50-year history.
The big leap stems from a new so-called perpendicular recording technology that allows drive makers like Seagate and rival Hitachi Global Storage Technologies to boost the density of a disk by aligning bits of data vertically rather than horizontally. At the same time, fewer moving components are needed in the drives.
Drive is suggested to be priced at $ awesome cost/MB of  Rs 0.0326989066/MB wooh! too much precision

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