Stuff you can get for absolutely Free from Internet – Yes! Free Food does Exist

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We have always been taught by our Parents, Teachers and World – that nothing in this World is there, as “Free”. You have to pay for it in some way or the other. But I am going to prove this wrong and tell you about four such free stuff you can get from Internet for absolutely nothing.

  1. Worlds Last Chance
    Register on this site and you will  get a set of four informative books on Jesus and Christianity worth $41.96. These will be delivered to your doorstep for free. Moreover you can go through the E-Courses on the site and earn points on completion of the course related quizes. When you have gathered 225points you can redeem them for a free t-shirt delivered to your home! What int the world will be better than this gaining knowledge and getting free stuff for it. Check Here for free books
  2. Ubuntu
    The most famous and favorite Linux. They are running this program for delivering free CDs for a quite a time. In the initial times I have got packs of 25 and 50 CDs, which I distributed among my friends and family to spread the Linux Love. Now due to huge demands they are giving only one CD at a time and won’t give it to the ones who have recieved the CD in the past(like me) . Get your Ubuntu Linux delivered to you doorstep free of cost here.
  3. Hugo Boss Fragrances
    You can get a sample of Hugo Boss fragrance absolutely free of cost. This is one of those things which you will buy happily but what better it is to get a free sample. You can choose from male – Hugo Element or Hugo Man and female – Hugo Deep Red perfumes. Type the city name in capital letters, if postcode mismatch occurs. Get your Free Hugo Fragrance sample here.
  4. Listerine
    This one is valid only in India. Listerine is a mouth wash which claims to kill all germs in your mouth. Visit the site here and on the top right click on “Your Free Sample”. Fill out the details and free your mouth from germs.

By the way only A Mother’s Love is one of those things you can have in unlimited quantities and no strings attached!

If you know of any such offers tell us about it below in comments.
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