Exposing! The Secret Hostgator Coupon Code, giving maximum discounts $$ on its Web-Hosting

I have tried many different web-hosts in the past, including Hostgator, Hostmonster, Godaddy, Dreamhost etc. Some I bought for myself & some for my clients.  However Hostgator has proven to be one of the best out of them. Their server performance is fast and support is quick & responsive. So this year, I decided to renew my web-hosting with Hostgator. They use cpanel for management. […]

Wikileaks dead? You can still access the site, here’s how

The famous Wikileaks, well known for releasing secret and confidential documents of governments which they never want to get in public. It is being DDOSed regularly supposedly by US government to crash the Wikileaks servers. The domain hosting company which was hosting the domain name has terminated the services. And now Wikileaks is homeless, it doesn’t have any domain name right now. But […]