This ain’t a Sub-Woofer!

By Keshav Gupta

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 This is a 22″ SuperWoofer (MTX Audio JackHammer T9922) Standing in at 23″ tall, 369 pounds, and with 12,000 watt peak music power handling!!!!

Now look at this

This is the World’s largest Sub-Woofer to ever be put into a car. On the left is Richard Clark and on the right is David Navone, the creators of this beast!
The 60-inch subwoofer has the capability to produce SPL levels well above 180 dB!!
It’s output displacement is comparable to 160+ ten inch woofers
It was tested on a vehicle at even less than 1/2 output, the doors were blown off the tracks, and the entire vehicle ballooned in and out several inches!!!!
It is outrageously loud, and can make you a sick to your stomach when it plays those very low frequencies…

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