Top 7 Must Have Applications after you Root your Android phone

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Here is a list of 7 Must Have applications to install on your Android phone after you have rooted your Android phone. After reading this post you are going to wonder how did you manage to live without these applications installed on your rooted Android.

  1. Wireless Tether for Root Users : Install this application to create a WiFi adhoc network or a Bluetooth Hotspot on your Android phone to share your 3G or 2G network with your devices such as your Laptop / Netbook  or iPod Touch . It provides functionality which Mi-fi provides.
  2. Titanium Backup ★ root : Install this application to take backup of your installed free / paid applications, and its data, settings etc. to your SD card. It is quite useful if you have experienced the pain of installing all your applications again and over. You can also easily transfer all your applications  to a new phone with the help of  Titanium Backup.
  3. CacheMate for Root Users Free : Installing this application will help you clear all the cache of applications from your rooted Android phone, thus freeing up space and deleting some erroneous cache that may build up over time.
  4. SetCPU for Root Users or Overclock Widget : These applications can overclock or underclock your rooted phones. You can also set governor (like ondemand, powersaver, userspace, performance etc.) which will govern how frequency switching takes place. It can help you in optimizing your phone for battery life or increased speed and performance for CPU intensive tasks like Angry Birds !
  5. Webkey (ROOT REQUIRED) : Install this application and use this app to control your Android phone from your PC or a web browser on any device(iPad, iPod, another phone, Tablet, PS3 etc.). You can do anything to your phone remotely from the web browser. You can perform tasks such as click and type on phone, get / save screenshots, download / upload files, get GPS location, read and write SMS, export contacts, messages, call list, notify SMS /calls, terminal emulator etc.
  6. Market Enabler : Install this application to gain access to markets of other service providers. Like if you are in UK you can access market of T-Mobile USA using this application. Applications restricted to certain countries/ service providers can be accessed this way. This app fakes the SIM data and gets reset with a phone restart.
  7. Root Explorer (File Manager) : Root Explorer is the ultimate file manager for root users. Access the whole of android’s file system (including the elusive data folder!). Have a look at all those mysterious files inside data folder and ability to modify them. You can use Root Explorer to delete system apps, modify system files, SQLite viewer is also included to explore the databases.

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